How to make sure the ./transifexrc is correct in Github Action

l try to push and pull through github action automatically, but it goes wrong and below is the wrong message .

tx INFO: Updating /home/runner/.transifexrc file...
tx INFO: Using TX_TOKEN environment variable. Credentials won't be saved to .transifexrc.
tx ERROR: Authorization Required
tx ERROR: 
Error: Authentication failed. Please make sure your credentials are valid.
For more information, visit:

l have checked my .transifexrc file and it is correct since l can use tx push -s from the local development environment. So what’s wrong with that? And here is my repo: mendax1234/6940Swerve-docs: FRC Team 6940’s Swerve Documentation Powered by Read the Docs (

Hello mendax1234,

The contents of the .transifexrc file should look like this:

rest_hostname =
token         = API token goes here

This article explains how to generate an API token. You have probably already done this but I’m just making sure we cover all our bases before moving forward to other possibilities.

Keep in mind that those tokens need to originate from your own account and that you have access to the organization and project you are trying to take action on.

Please let me know if any of these suggestions helped solve your issue and if not can you provide me with the project you’re trying to work on and receive this error from?

Kind regards,


It doesn’t work for me.

Here is my project: mendax1234/6940Swerve-docs: FRC Team 6940’s Swerve Documentation Powered by Read the Docs (

And l get the error from Github action , but it seems that only me have the access to look its detail , but l have provided the error message in my first post.

Besides, my .transifexrc file used to look like this.

But after l have changed to your url , it doesn’t work as well. Besides , l can push and pull from my local development environment without problem.

I think l don’t create an environmetn variable. l have checked your docs and find that l don’t have an export command.

l use Windows.

l have fixed this problem but l go into a new one.

Run python scripts/ .tx/config
Using TX Config Path: .tx/config
Error retrieving remote resources 404
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

And my is in the /scripts folder

I have fixed all the bugs and sorry for causing you so much inconvenienve.


Hello Daniel,

I’m glad that you found a solution to your issue! From what I’m gathering, after you figured out how to solve the problem with the API token, there was another issue with your file that you fixed, and after that, everything worked as it should.

Please let me know if anything else arises, and I will be happy to assist you.

Kind regards,


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