Inconvenience with Transifex's translation mode

Once l have pushed sources to transifex and translated it in transifex, and if l modify the original (untranslated) source and push it to transifex again, the relative part’s translation will be all cleaned! That’s too terrible since l need to translate it again! l want to point it out and l hope the transifex team can optimize this function!


Hello mendax2134,

Thank you for reaching out to Transifex support.
Basing on what you are saying, I assume that having a string with the following text: “Hello World” and its translation “Hola Mundo” this gets lost after you push the updated version of the source with “Hello World Daniel” ?, Is this the scenario ? if so, Could you confirm the file format you are using ?

Thanks in advance

Yes l mean that. Besides , ask another question , where can l find my ./transifexrc?

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your response, Regarding the location of your “transifexrc” file will depend on your
installation. In my case was my home path : (Keep in mind this is a hidden file)

Now, I will like to share with you our documentation page on how the update logic work on different file formats

Let me know if the above helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, l find it! And l have run into a new issue , can you help me with it? l wonder where the github runner can read my .transifexrc file on my laptop, if not how should l solve this issue? How to make sure the ./transifexrc is correct in Github Action - Q&A - Transifex

Thanks for your suggestions and l have fixed all the bugs!


Glad to read you manage to fix all bugs, if anything else comes up please let me know

Best Regards

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