Authentication failed

Hello, I have a problem downloading translations. I created a ~/.transifexrc file but when I try to get translations using tx pull -a or selecting a specific language I get an error. Forbidden Authentication failed. Please make sure your credentials are valid. Do I have to be an admin to download a language? Please help.

Hello @praca_praca,

Can you please share with us the username of the person that created the API credentials and the .txconfig file as well in order to verify if you can access the projects?

Thank you in advance.

Hey Panagiotis Kavraki nice to meet

yes i can share my username.@immense055 is the username.thank you a for helping me.I’m new in here and also learning.I hope you also help me my project.

Hello @immense055,

Thank you for your reply. I will need also your .tx/config file. Moreover I would like you to share with me the Transifex project URL you are working on.

Thank you in advance.