"There was an error connecting to server."

I am trying to access https://app.transifex.com/openstreetmap/id-editor/viewstrings/#da/presets?q=text%3Arubbish and I get this error popup.

I disabled ad block and so on.


In network logs I see https://app.transifex.com/_/editor/ajax/openstreetmap/id-editor/string/presets/da/ids/?_=1713132680368 returning 404 errors.

Any idea how I can solve it as user? Or is it misconfigured project? Or maybe Transifex bug?

got some hint at Overlay for street furniture (etc.) · Issue #4912 · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub

I thinks that this part is related to which langues you've registered as translator for.
    e.g. for me HR works just fine finding Reciklažna kanta for Recycling bin:
    while for me DA throws There was an error connecting to server error -- but only after (correctly?) showing several results with Genbrug - like Genbrugsbeholder for Recycle bin:

Good morning,

So the reason you cannot access the danish translations of this resource is that you are not part of the team translating in Danish.

You will see that if you go to the project resource from the dashboard and try to hit translate, the button is deactivated.

We remain at your disposal.

Thanks! Ideally there would be some less confusing error message.

And maybe even there would be ability to view translated strings without being translator.

I understand. Thank you for your comments.

We always try to better our services depending on our users’ feedback.

We remain at your disposal.