Integration error

Hello! Something weird happened with the GitHub integration. Not the integration per se, but an update on the source language by a pull request, triggered an upsert action which removed most of the (already) translated strings to a language (german). I can definitely see those translations on the codebase and the resource was also definitely translated since the beginning, so now I’m wondering how and why it happened. I would definitely need some help to be able to also act on that, so it doesn’t affect other projects as well. Thanks in advance for the support. :slight_smile:

Hello @sosafe_rodrigodalmas

I hope you are doing well; thanks for reaching out.
Is there a way you could share the project URL and the name of the resource in question? It’s hard to answer without seeing your configuration file and the actions performed.

Thanks in advance

Hello @sosafe_rodrigodalmas ,

It seems that you’re running into some trouble with the new multi-branching functionality that is incorporated into the GitHub integration. It is important to understand how this works, and you can find more detailed documentation on the implementation here. Per that documentation, here is what an Upsert action refers to:


And here is what happens when a child/feature branch is merged into the parent branch:

Please make sure to read this documentation carefully so you can feel more confident on what will happen.

Warm regards,
Transifex Success Team