Keep po files line length at 80 characters

Its quite annoying that all generated po files don’t break the strings at 80 characters as the standard gettext does, but kept as huge lines. It makes it difficult to check the changes if you have translations in a version control system, as lots of strings show up in the diff. If you run msgmerge from gettext tools over the generated files, they are correctly warped after 80 characters again.

On this link other users had the same issue:

That’s why the files from Tx can’t be used directly for a git commit and have to be merged with msgmerge/poedit and the pot file first to be usable for git. But gettext work only local, so it can’t be run with a script. That’s why we still can use the automatic way of committing the po files to our git code. Since the po files are very large, this makes the most diffs in the code. Is there any solution for that?

This would be very helpful to fix the auto breaking after 80 characters.