Machine translation quality prediction

Hi community,

I was wondering if Transifex supports quality prediction for machine translation.

If it does, is it on the segment or document level (or both)?

I want to translate my website, and I am looking for a solution that supports custom MT + quality prediction.
In case you don’t have it, are you planning on adding it in the future?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Cecilia, thank you for contacting us. Currently, we do not support quality predictions for Machine Translations. However, I added this functionality to our product improvements backlog; if this functionality is implemented, I’ll let you know as soon as it is available for you to use.

The list of translation management systems with ModelFront translation quality prediction integrations / connectors / apps / plug-ins is

Transifex has a good API, so similar to RWS WorldServer, it should be possible to use ModelFront in Transifex for those willing to connect it themselves, using the ModelFront API and the Transifex API.