Moving from github to transifex ("Reddit")

  1. Sign up for and request to join the desired language team(s) for the reddit project.
  2. All new volunteers will be added as “translators” on a language team. Translators have permission to add translations, but cannot mark a given string as “reviewed”. (Only “reviewed” translations will make it to Sarkari Result Pnr Status
  3. Translated strings must be approved by a reviewer. Initially, a language team will have no reviewers, and (this is the part that will be tricky), I’ll need to approve strings manually.
  4. Translators who have successfully submitted more than a handful of translations will be bumped up to “reviewer” status. Additionally, I may grant “reviewer” status to those requesting it, in good faith, so long as there are other members of the language team and the reviewer’s intent is solely to review and provide feedback (and not provide translations).

@Johnlarry, Welcome to Transifex community!
We are glad to see you here!
I have created a new category to help open source and projects that are translated by their community.
Note that it is not clear in your post how to get to the public page to request to be added as a translator.
Can you confirm what is the link to the project you are referring to?