Overriding configs with tx

Hi, I’m developing a custom setup for updating translations and I’m wondering if it’s possible to override the config values in .tx/config while using tx pull?

I have my default path set, eg: file_filter = locale/<lang>.yml which is the main path for my locales, but in some cases I’d like to use tx pull but specify an alternative path for the newly-downloaded files.

Some thing like:

FILE_FILTER='another/path/<lang>.yml' tx pull

Aha! Combining the --force and --disable-overwrite flags creates new copies and adds a .new suffix, eg: tx pull --force --disable-overwrite will download new versions and save them alongside existing files, like:


This doesn’t appear to be in the docs at all, but it’ll work for my use-case :+1:

I’ve been doing some experiments to improve “translation gap” problems in a multilingual codebase with weekly deployments to production, where updates to translations don’t always sync well with our release cycle, if any devs are interested: https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/pull/6245

Hello Matt

Thank you for the updated info. We will add your parameters to our docs. We appreciate the feedback.

Have a nice day!