Pushing PR translations upon review -only for certain languages-

As same as title, is it possible to achieve this? Several times we need to manual review only certain languages, previous to merge the PR into our repo.

Hello @raiseerco ,

Thank you for reaching out to Transifex community, and post your question.

According to this, I suppose you have either an Integration between Transifex and Github or Bitbucket, and you are looking to send in your repository, only translations that have been reviewed for some languages. Is that correct?

If I am not missing anything, you can achieve that if you set up under the Integration’s settings, the SYNC TAB Content, and you select the following option


More information about the setup settings of the integration can find here.

As far as the option to do that only for specific languages, there is not an option, but you can use the reviewed status only for those languages you want to send. The other languages that are not reviewed will not be uploaded to your repository.

I hope this answers your question.

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