Suggestions on avoiding using country flags in our app/website

We are starting to add country flags to languages on the app and are now debating what to do in some sensitive country cases as the most neutral solution. We want to avoid politics.


Currently, the guideline would be to actually NOT use the country flags in the language picker. Just as you’ve mentioned, representing a language with a flag is not quite politically correct: how to represent “Spanish”? By the flag of Spain or a Latin American country? Which LatAm country? What about Spanish speakers living in other countries, in the US, for example?


Hi there. I totally agree with you. Transifex should be out of political disagreements and in some cases it can be hard so be careful with it. Anyway, it is a great idea to add flags so good luck.


Hi @thelma, in my case I live in Catalonia, Spain.
Catalan language is represented with the Catalan flag habitually…
I think that Catalan language isn’t the only one example in the world…
We are not a country, but in Spain, we have more languages, Euskara, Galician, Occitan… what flag do you add for them?
Finally, with all of this, I think you mustn’t to add any flag if you want to avoid politics.

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Thank you @jordibrus for your reply and input. This is definitely a good point!

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