Usability: People requesting languages instead of joining already existing languages


referring to a GitHub isse from 2017 I am raising the thing again because things get weired!

Citing from Usability: People requesting languages instead of joining already existing languages. · Issue #20 · rakekniven/Transifex-Issues · GitHub

Nextcloud project:
90% of the requests are duplicates.

  1. User is requesting e.g. French (fr_FR) then discovers there is French already (FR). The user joins existing French team and I have to decline the request
  2. User is requesting e.g. French (fr_FR) and does NOT discover there is French already (FR). I sent a message to the user and pointing him to the French team and decline the request.

So I wonder why there are so many “bad” requests? IMHO Transifex should check the process/workflow/usability of requesting languages.

Update from today:
Had 5 requests for already existing language requests.

Please have a look and improve the UI / workflow.

Will close old GitHub issue and add reference to here.


EDIT: Fixed link

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Hi @rakekniven,

We have shared your comments with the rest of the team so that we can see how this can be improved on our side.

Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable feedback with us.

Hi @rakekniven ,

I am Thanos from the product team.

Τhis kind of feedback is very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you!

An idea we’re testing, is to increase the visibility of the language that already exists inside the drop-down. So when the user is searching for languages to request, she’ll have a clear/better feedback that (FR) has been already added.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Kind regards,

Sounds good.
Has this already been deployed to our instance?

Currently it looks like:


I’m glad to hear it!

It’s actually an improved version of what’s happening in your screenshot, but it’s not implemented to your instance yet, as we’re currently working on it.
We will keep you updated on the progress.

Kind regards,

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Hey @rakekniven
I wanted to let you know that you should be able to see the new implementation in your instance. Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 6.38.50 PM

We’d love to read your feedback about it!



Thank you for improving this.
Until yesterday we still had a few requests each week.
For sure I will monitor it and provide feedback.



unfortunately there is no real improvements.
Had 17 requests the last 7 days.

I contacted two of them and asked about the issue. They wrote me they had difficulties to understand the dialog …

Please see the log of the Nextcloud project to get an impression.

Hi @rakekniven ,

Thank you for following up on this and letting us know.

We will review this flow again and decide how this can be improved more.

We will keep you posted!