Bug: Link in email does not show the described content


I requested a project language and it has been denied.

Following email arrived:

Link Why was my language request for a project not accepted? brings me to:

That does not help the user.

Bring repair the link.

Slightly related to

Hello @rakekniven ,

Thank you for reaching out to the Transifex community.

I believe that the following URL, Translating Content | Transifex Documentation

is the one you should be redirected to. Can you please confirm that?
I will forward this to our dev team, in order to fix it.
I am really sorry for the confusion.

Kind regards,

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Yes, that link provides useful content for the person requesting a project language.

Hello @rakekniven ,

Thank you for your confirmation.

I would like to inform you that from now on, the new URL will be included in the email the user will receive when a language request is declined.

Kind regards,

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Hello @Panagiotis_Kavrakis , thanks for fixing it.

Btw. Your Discourse instance does not allow me to mark this topic as solved. Very useful discourse feature IMHO.