Flags icons in announcements

Probably a picky request here…
It’s a pity that flag icons are not displayed on Transifex, any change to have those supported? :innocent:


Hello @Mwithi,

I am Antonis from the Transifex Customer Success team.

By the looks of your emojis you’re using a Windows device. After some digging it looks like the default windows font doesn’t support flag emojis (you can check this for yourself by pressing the windows button + . (period) and search through the available emojis.

As a workaround you could look for a font that supports all emojis.

Please let me know if this was helpful.

Kind regards,


Hello @Mylon , thanks for the response.

Yes I always do Windows button + . (period) and I know I don’t have those “flag icons” in the list, but I’m usually able to see them in other apps (WhatsApp, Slack, etc) and I use to copy and paste them wherever I need (emails, documents, etc). When it comes to paste them in the announcement WYSIWYG they are not renderered as expected.

Should I assume that the announcement page, opened in Chrome, is using my Windows default font?

In Firefox I see them correctly indeed… can I assume that other users may see them correctly or not, depending on their browser/OS too?

Hello @Mwithi,

Yes this can be definitely affected by the software you’re using.

The browser, OS or other software that may be used to view the content can affect how it appears but this is definitely not Transifex related.

My guess would be that anything that makes use of the Windows default font won’t be able to display the flags but anything with a custom font with extended emoji support will be.

Kind regards,