Transifex, Crowdin, Phrase App and OneSky

We are looking into Crowdin to use as our localization management software and were wondering why did Reddit move from Transifex to Crowdin and also if there is any feedback that you guys can provide regarding using Crowdin, PhraseApp, OneSky and Transifex.

We are planning to use a mix of our community, professional translators and in-house translators, so communication and raising issues is very important to us, as well as providing context + translation in context.

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Since we don’t go into the competitive analysis in this community, I would suggest you look for comparisons ing2crowd. You can find there feedback, reviews, and insights from all platforms.

Whether it is MT, freelance or in-house linguists, MT + linguists, your community, or LSPs, we are friendly to various translation processes.

We have a “Comment and Issues” feature that allows communication in a string level, as well as a team forum in-app and an announcement communication tool in a project level for interaction between stakeholders.

We have also a Visual context feature already available for advanced and above plans, that allows you providing screenshots for context. We are currently working on a in-context enhancement to provide translations in context for web projects, so stay tuned! :wink:

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@viprit I have answered to your previous post here :slight_smile:Let us know if you have further questions!

@gamora77 seems someone from your team already posted the same post here :slight_smile: feel free to ask other questions about this topic on this thread.
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