Translation Memory with context? Oh, yes!

Transifex’s Translation Memory tool has just become even more powerful! Up until now, if newly created source strings were identical to previously translated source strings saved in TM, then these TM entries were considered 100% match suggestions, regardless of the context match for both source and suggested translations.
Now, you have the ability to load context for your source strings (for XLIFF, PO, XSLX, QT file formats) and see 101% suggested matches, ie. suggestions with both source and context match. Furthermore, you can select if the TM Autofill will take context into consideration when executed, in order to improve translation quality and consistency and reduce unnecessary costs.
You can read all about it here!


I just love it! <3 Very good feature! :smiley:

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Transifex TM tool now supports context even when uploading or downloading TMX files! This means that you can transfer TM data between systems and tools without losing any of your context-based translations!
More information can be found here!

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