TX Native: Introducing the Option to Disable Auto-Syncing!

Hey there, community!

As you may already know, in case of the Transifex Native solution, you have the option to define the interval for auto-syncing content and refreshing the content cache through the setting TX__SETTINGS__AUTOSYNC_MIN.

By default, content cached in CDS is considered stale after 1 hour. After this time, the system automatically re-fetches and re-caches the content with fresh data. If you require more frequent updates, you have the flexibility to lower this value to suit your needs.

Now, we’re happy to take this option further, empowering you with even greater control over the content syncing process. With our latest update, you now have the option to disable auto-syncing by setting TX__SETTINGS__AUTOSYNC_MIN to zero.

So go ahead, take charge of your localization journey, and tailor your syncing process to fit your unique requirements!