Unable to translate two specific strings

Hello fellow translators and especially the knowledged person, that may be able to help out!

I’m attempting to complete translation of VLC. Just two strings remain untranslated. But something is amiss as I’m unable to push the save-button. It’s greyed out.

Some specifics:
organisation: Yaron
VLC - Translations
Attempt to translate to Danish
The part that has two string that are not translated: ANDROID android

Cut&paste of what I see:

The save-button has the greyed out text: Gem oversættelse

What to do?

Have you translated all plural forms?

I have not gone near the word list - nor ever had any need or reason to.

See comment left of the save button “Fill in all plurals to continue”.

I missed that!
But where must they be filled in? In the wordlist?

It seems all words - also the plurals - are already correctly translated in the word list.
Is there a secret word list thats hidden for the uninitiated?
Or is there some error on the web page erroneously limiting any ability to enter a translation string for these two particular strings?

OK. Figured it out:
I have to translate two strings. And this possibility is hidden. I have to click the blue mini buttons ‘1’ or ‘andre’. THEN and ONLY THEN will I be blessed with the holy option to save the translation(s).

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Thank you for trying to get it through my thick skull.

Always see the docs:

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