What would happen if two developers work on the same file in different git branches, one removes an existing phrase and the other one modifies that same phrase?

Transifex Native always works in append mode, that means that no phrases are automatically deleted. In the scenario shared above, this is how Native will work:

  • The developer who removed a phrase and is pushing content to Transifex, will simply add new phrases to the respecting Transifex Native project.
  • The developer who modified the same phrase and is pushing content to Transifex, will append a new phrase without affecting what’s already stored in Transifex.

Finally, your Transifex Native project will have both phrases, modified and initial, available. In case one of the developers wants to remove phrases unused in her codebase will have to push to Transifex using a specific parameter --purge to denote that she is interested in deleting from Transifex Native project all phrases that were not detected in the code.