Transifex Live and Native

Are there any known issues when running Transifex Live and Transifex Native in the same page?

They’ll both use the same Transifex app and any Native strings will be exclude from those defined in Transifex Live.

Hello dear aarr0n ,

Thank you for contacting us. So Transifex live is independent from native. Two very different approaches.
On Transifex side you will have two different projects.

With native approach you will choose when you will upload strings from the cli. With Transifex live the snipet will detect any new strings and wait for approval for translation. You should not have any issues using both. And since you will exclude the strings that have been translated via native approach you will not have duplicates in the two projects.

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Dear aaror0n ,

Let us know if you need any more details or assistance with anything else.
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