Will my translators be able to translate off-line, not using Transifex Editor?

To translate content that is added in Transifex via the Native SDK, you have the option to download all the content or just the untranslated content of a target language as an XLIFF file. You can then import the XLIFF file to your editor of choice to translate the content. Whenever you want to update your Transifex Native project you can upload the updated XLIFF file back on Transifex.

One thing to keep in mind is that any HTML tags found on your content will be automatically escaped upon export from Transifex. When uploading translations back to Transifex html tags should remain escaped.

Follows an example of a phrase with HTML tag and the escaped equivalent:

<div class="class-name-here">This is a text here!</span>

will be converted to the escaped version of

&lt;div class=”class-name-here”&gt;This is a text here!&lt;/span&gt;

More about XLIFF syntax: https://docs.transifex.com/formats/xliff