WPML / Transifex

Hi there.

We are trying to integrate Transifex with our wordpress site using WPML. From the doc (https://wpml.org/translation-service/transifex/) we need to provide the username, password, organization slug and Repository url (as our project is open source).

We have tried with several admin accounts, but get either “make sure that you are an administrator of that organization (it is required if you want to use that organization with WPML).” or “The authentication didn’t work. Please make sure you entered your details correctly and try again.”

Did anyone from the community tried WPML plugin? And succeeded?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Matthieu,

I have been through the same trouble and it has been solved. Maybe it has worked for you the first time and then it did not work when you tried ti change the connected account ?

The WPML integration creates a team in Transifex when you first link WPML to Transifex. This team is named “Organization Slug Validation”.
If you remove the WPML link to Transifex, this team is not removed. Therefore if you relink WPML to Transifex you need to manually remove this team, otherwise, WPML will try to create the team and fail since it already exists.

I hope this will work for you (or other people) !