Existing Translations in Zendesk

I am trying to import content from Zendesk Help Center which is already translated into every language we support. However, I cannot find how I can send existing translations to Transifex. Could anyone help?

For the time being, our current integration with Zendesk does not offer you the option to automatically import translations from your Zendesk Help Center to Transifex. Since the resources that are created in Transifex are in HTML format, you can update your target languages in your TX project with the translations you already have done outside of Transifex using one of the following ways:

#1: Enter the editor page and start copying-pasting the translations from Zendesk.


#2: Download the HTML translation files of your resources in Transifex using the option:
–> “Download file to translate” so as to get an ideal structure for offline translation. Please note that in this download mode, the generated HTML files include a data-tx-text element which contains a uniquely defined hash. This is important information that we rely on so as to map the translations to the corresponding source strings while importing your offline translations to Transifex


–> “Download for translation as XLIFF”
After the file is updated, you can import your translations back to Transifex using the upload option “Upload XLIFF file”.

We also offer the option to download all the language files at once without doing that one by one using our command line client. This is a feature that is offered in the Enterprise plan. In order to download the files in this format, you need to include the --xliff option in your command as it is described in our documentation guide here.