Glossary warnings not showing correctly

Hi everyone!

I have noticed that for some segments in Transifex the translation check feature doesn’t show glossary warning. I think that it refers only or mostly to the strings that were pre-translated with TM, so there was no human action taken.

Is it possible that when the string is pre-translated, then the tool doesn’t show any warnings if the glossary is not being followed? Does anyone of you encountered such situation before?

Thanks in advance for all your help! :slight_smile:


​Here is how Translation Checks work regardless if it’s for the Glossary or anything else:

  • translation checks are run whenever a new translation is submitted no matter how the string was translated (via the Editor, file upload, Translation Memory, etc.).
  • if the translation is not saved via the Editor, the translation check that has been set up as an error allows the translation to be saved; if a translator was manually translating the string, this wouldn’t be possible as the check would have prevented them.
  • when the status of a check is updated or, for example, the Glossary is updated and the rule is no longer violated, the checks do not run automatically.
  • translations with errors or warnings can be found using filters in the Editor so they can be fixed.

Further, an error/warning might not be present because:

  • ​the time the translation was saved was before the glossary term was created in Transifex - so the translation was considered valid until then. We do not run translation checks again. We offer the option to Maintainers to run translation checks on-demand to confirm the validation of the translations based on new criteria introduced.
  • the warning was triggered but was removed - we do offer the option to remove warnings from the editor.

​Transifex Customer Support

Thanks Ryan for your feedback! So, if my understanding is correct, if the glossary term was updated (it was there for a long time, but we simply updated it), the checks do not run automatically and I won’t see the Warning for the legacy content, is that right?


That is correct.

If you wish to have the (current) Translation Checks run against existing content, then a Maintainer can run these checks on-demand…