How can I trim repeating symbol or phrase at the beginning of the translated texts?

We have huge volume of strings which start for example with
… etc.

The essential part for translation is after the string “button::”. How can I trim the repeating string “button::”?

I tried with Find&Replace but still, in the replace field there must be a value. It does not allow to leave the replace field blank. If I add a space in the replace field, this will visibly do the job. However, still the newly trimmed texts will start with a space.

Any recommendation how to trim text in bulk or how to remove the space at the beginning of the translated text?

Edit: Here is a short loom video to illustrate what I am trying to achieve:

This issue was solved by exporting the strings, apply necessary changes with Notepad ++ and consecutive import. Feel free to close this thread as resolved.

Thnak you.

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