How to configure a continuous automated workflow with Google Drive

Zapier is an inexpensive tool that allows two different applications from different vendors to exchange data and communicate with each other. Transifex has developed a Zapier App and as such, by using Zapier, Transifex can retrieve files from and send translation files to google drive. No coding is required. Configuration is a matter of selecting items from drop down lists. By using our Zapier integration the following can be accomplished:

  1. Create new resources in Transifex simply by adding new content to Google Drive. The new content in Google Drive then gets pushed to Transifex, creating a new resource that is ready to be translated.
  2. When content (strings) are added/removed to/from existing documents on Google Drive, this same content is then sent to the corresponding resource in Transifex.
  3. When translations are completed, by using Zapier and Transifex’s web-hook integration, Transifex will automatically push completed translations to Google Drive using the naming convention of your choice.

In order to get started do the following:

  1. Create a Zapier account using your e-mail address at
  2. Send an e-mail to in order to get invited (gain access) to our Zapier application. Provide us with the e-mail address used in Step 1.
  3. Create your automated workflow by following the detailed step by step instructions found here.
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