Improvements in Logs for Zendesk-Transifex Integration

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates in the Zendesk-Transifex integration logs. These enhancements offer better visibility and transparency into syncing activities between Transifex and Zendesk.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Comprehensive Syncing Activity
    Track syncing progress easily with the modal, showing the Transifex to Zendesk or Zendesk to Transifex sync activity, along with the date of the most recent sync. View the last five syncs for each direction.

  • Informative Explanatory Messages
    When there’s no syncing status defined yet or translations to sync back to Zendesk, explanatory messages on the right side clarify that there’s nothing to report.

  • Detailed Syncing Information
    Expand each syncing direction to see a list of synced resources, including type, language (source or target), sync status (“Success” or “Error”), and sync date.

  • Tooltip Error Messages
    Detailed error messages appear as tooltips if syncing failures occur in either direction. Understand the issues and take appropriate action.

  • Improved Syncing Mechanism
    Sync actions now attempt to sync all out-of-sync content, addressing previous syncing errors for a more reliable process.

  • Article Accessibility Error Handling
    If an article is inaccessible in Zendesk, an error message is displayed in the sync report.

We hope these improvements enhance your Zendesk-Transifex integration experience. You can read more in our Help Center article here.

For any questions or feedback, reach out to our support team :slight_smile: