Multilingual proofreading add-on for the editor++

Hi, wanted to share that I tested a bit the LanguageTool plugin for Grammar and Spell checking in the Transifex Editor. It looks pretty solid so far and supports many languages!

Also, this tool is open source and you can contribute on expanding its functionality both in terms of grammar/linguistic rules for your language and in how it works and features it offers.

Using the Chrome extension to add some Greek translations in the editor here is what I found:

  • Its Greek grammar and spelling works great at least as long as I used it. It detected all the misspellings and made some great syntax suggestions.

  • Tool doesn’t work real time but its close enough. For the tool to work I had to stop typing and wait for a bit to get the updates. While not that slow, I suppose it can be irritating when you have to work on a long list of strings.
  • There were some mishaps on the tool side but it already offered workarounds. For example, one of the phrases I tried to translate contained the word “commit” which I left as-is in Greek, as it was about a development process related to git functionality. In that case the tool tried to match the untranslated term with other well-known words that are left untranslated and offered the option to add term, check screen.

Overall Language tool seems like a good option for grammar and syntax checks. I didn’t have the chance to test other languages but works fine for Greek in the editor.

Check it out over here. There is a paid plan but I don’t think it’s affecting the chrome extension and the usage of translation strings from the editor. Also, there are a bunch of languages supported!

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