New Transifex Client: Mapping Bulk

I am using the new transifex client and I have problems configuring the bulk mapping as described in the documentation.

I tried these:

$ tx add --organization mundraub-android --project learning-memory --resource fdroid-metadata-changelog --file-filter 'metadata/<lang>/changelogs/{filename}.txt' --type TXT metadata/en/changelogs/{filename}.txt
2022/02/20 10:33:16 you need to add a Source File that exists
$ tx config mapping-bulk
No help topic for 'config'

How can I add bulk uploads?

Hello @niccokunzmann ,

Thank you for reaching out to the Transifex community and submitting your request.

Regarding your question, I would like to inform you that the new Tx Client at the moment does not support this command, but our engineers are aware of this, and they have added this on their roadmap. I cannot provide any estimation on this but I will definitely let you know once I have an update.

As a workaround, if you used to work with the old client and have a backup of the .tx/config file, then you can edit it and follow the new approach for each resource using the following section
in the new .tx/config file like:


Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Hello @niccokunzmann ,

I would like to follow up on my last response.
Under the following link you can find the approach from our developers how to add resources in bulk.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

On Using the client, it says " later we will offer the tx config command to make editing the configuration more convenient".

But at your link (also at CLI), it says “We decided not to implement this functionality in the new client because its usage was complicated and it couldn’t satisfy every user’s need anyway.”

If the plan is to not implement it, can the content at the first link be changed accordingly?

Hello @jmckinney,

Thank you for your feedback! We have updated our CLI documentation to be more clear.

Kind regards,