Propose a feature to record translated texts for blind users

Do you think it would be possible for you to propose a feature that would allow the users to record the translated text. Maybe it will be possible to record only the text marked as “reviewed”? That way this feature will be reliable, or will be more likely to be.

This fonctionnality would make software, applications, etc. accessible to people who are visually impaired or blind.
This will also democratize access to this feature, I am thinking in the “minority” languages, but also those called “majority” languages.
The so-called “majority” languages are spoken and heard everywhere, but not those that are “minority”. This could help the preservation of minority languages, or in danger of extinsion.


@Iriep Hello Pierre and thank you for submitting this idea!

This is a wonderful idea, to have a feature that would record the text to help visually impaired people record their translation.

Could you please elaborate on how it will help the endangered/minority languages? That’s an interesting idea as well.

Hello Tatiana,
This feature, in addition to helping visually impaired and blind people, will help I think, the endangered/minority language:

  • Some languages doesn’t have a “voice synthetisation”, or even a “voice recognition”.
    Because of to a lack of time, money, good programmers, number of speakers who can read, so and so…

Factors are multiple but this feature will help to avoid this issues, I guess.
I hope I was clear in my explanations ^^’ :smiley:.

Hi Pierre,
Thanks for the explanation! Duly noted :slight_smile: Thanks again for being an active member of our community and sharing your ideas!