Quote escaping issue


There is an issue with quote escaping.
Some language strings may contain quotes which should be escaped by a translator.

I am using this construction:
<a href=\"https://

But when I download the file from Transifex, I see such construction:
<a href=\\"_QQ_"https://

\" is being converted into \\"_QQ_"
and the translation falls.

Please check it out.

I have the same issue.
Quotes, newlines, and dots are wrongly encoded.

    "service_mail\\.banner\\.html_msg": {  // <-- dots
        "character_limit": null,
        "context": "service",
        "developer_comment": "",
        "string": "<p>Follow the link: <a href=\\\"{1}\\\">{1}</a></p>"  // <-- quotes
    "service_mail\\.template\\.text_msg": {
        "character_limit": null,
        "context": "service",
        "developer_comment": "",
        "string": "{1}\\n\\n  ---------------------------------------------------------------------\\n\\n  {0}\\n"  // <-- new lines

How do I get the same format as i used in the upload?

Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Transifex.

We have opened a ticket to our dev team and they will look into this so that our parser does not escape in this way these situations. we do not have an exact date that this will be resolved yet.

We will of course post an update when we have news.

Kind regards

I solved the issue by using parameter “data.attributes.mode” = “default” instead of “json”.

The “json” mode was causing the double escaping of characters.

Hello dear Michael ,

I am very glad we managed to sort this out .

I have also forwarded this observation to our devs for further investigation.

Kind regards