Webhooks do not trigger when translations are changed for fully translated locales


Im playing around with webhook and trying to see when it triggers.

I noticed for locales that are 100% translated, if we try to change the translation and save, the webhook doesnt trigger

To get around this, I first need to clear the translation for the key, save, and then add the new translation and save.

Is this by design? Feels like a bug.


Another use case for us, we add new keys to the source lang file almost every day while working on new features, they dont need to be translated immediately.

But our copy writers sometimes go back to old keys and change the translation, but with the current webhook setup, it wont get trigger until all the keys have been translated. This makes the webhooks less appealing for us.


Hi @blessanm86,

Regarding your case, unfortunately, what you are looking for is not supported.

Based on the way this integration works, webhooks are getting triggered only when a language of a resource is fully translated or reviewed.

Please also note that webhooks are not being triggered when an already 100% translated target language is edited/updated. This is an expected behavior based on the current implementation. So, if you want to re-trigger the webhook you need to unreview or remove the translation from an already translated string and retranslate it so that the language will reach 100% again.

Another suggestion I can provide you with is to:

#1 : Create automated tasks that will pull the translations via API/Client once per day so as to ensure that you have also the recently modified translations.


#2 : Get resources’ statistics via API as it is described here and decide based on a certain translation completion (100%, 80% etc…) if the translations files should be pulled or not.

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I will definitely pass your feedback along.


Yes we were looking into polling the system too. Thanks for resources end point. Did not know about. Let me look more into it.
thanks for the response.