How to identify and replace/apply the 100% matches while proofreading/editing?

Friends, Could you please tell me the method to identify and replace/apply the 100% matches while proofreading/editing.

Suppose, I am editing a document which contains 100 sentences out of which 8 are same. I edit one of these 8 sentences and the second same sentence is presented after so many sentences. I can’t exactly remember what edits I made to the earlier same sentence. Is there a method to locate the first same edited sentence and then replace/apply/use it when the same sentence is being edited?

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.

Hello @English_Hindi,

According to your question, when you edit a translation at the proofreading stage, and you save the new translation, then the next time you face the same translation and you want to edit it, using the previous translation you can use the following attribute of copy the suggestion you want as the following image.

Also, another way in order to achieve this is to filter the source strings you want, select them, and then using the Find and Replace procedure, you can change the translation at the same time for all the selected source strings. The following image is a relative example.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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